Wednesday, October 31, 2007

more than your cup of Joe

So, I thought I’d get myself to a strong cup of Joe this morning after last night’s wrestling match with God. I stopped in at the local Caribou for the small dark roast. I think I’ll need it today. However, my sleepy stupor got more than it bargained for. I noticed the one barista’s long white and black falls and I thought, “When did
Caribou let its workers go Goth?” Then I saw the little old lady barista beside her and then remembered, “Oh, it’s Halloween!” I could barely restrain myself from giggling as the little old lady took my order, then handed me my coffee with the old lady, shaky hand tremors. She had put on the whole nine yards: granny shoes, a granny purse with beaded handles, plastic bead necklace in gaudy colors, white hair protruding from under a night cap, and the most outdated outfit you could find. I wonder if she’ll have to drop the shaky hands, duck waddle, granny act when the line at the cash register gets too long.

I waited till I got back to my car before I let out a belly laugh.

By the way wrestling matches with God are good things. If you don’t have them. I do highly recommend them. Life shines brighter if you have them. Life gets put into perspective. Take for example our friend Jacob, son of Issac. He wrestled with God all night one night. The next day he went out to meet his estranged brother. He organized his servants, wives, children and cattle in such a way to appease his brother but also so they had the best chances at surviving a battle. He expected to be killed by his own brother. In the natural course of things, that would likely have happened. But Jacob wrestled with God the night before. What was the wrestling match all about?


Daniel Kent said...

What does it mean that God lost the match?

Happy Halloween!

espíritu paz said...

God lost!?
or are there other paradigms to judge the end of a match that have result apart from winner-loser.

I had a conversation with a bunch of accounting professionals from Mexico. The topic was relationships. I asked them, so why do Latino couples fight so much? There answer was "we fight to keep the relationship." Hmm.