Sunday, October 28, 2007

the banquet feast revealed

The church of Christ is like those who came to a banquet feast. In reverence and all orderliness they sat down to dine. The feasting hall was beautifully decorated and the candle light set the mood. Conversation was pleasant and light as everyone waited to be served. The evening wore on and on and the banqueters continued to wait patiently.

Except for one banqueter who couldn’t sit still and insisted on sitting on her heals. She was abrupt and rude, asking when the food would be served. The banqueters responded with an embarrassed silence. “Perhaps she will tire of asking if we ignore her,” they thought to themselves. Yet the rude one persisted, asking again, “Aren’t we going to eat?” Finally she went to help herself to the feast in the raw. She handed the food she had gathered, to the one who could cook it and make it into sustainable sustenance.

Yet despite her rudeness, this banqueter was the only one who ate and she ate heartily. The others starved and did so silently.

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Heather W. Reichgott said...

Really wonderful. Thank you for sharing the gospel, and your gifts.