Thursday, October 18, 2007

thanks to my readers

Thanks to all you readers that have taken a personal interest in me and what I write here. I appreciate that very much. I’ve enjoyed your emails. These have been redemptive relational experiences in cybertic medium.


Darrell Miller said...

Hey! I appreciate your comments. They are very thought provoking. In case you want to know who this is, it's Darrell Miller. You are welcome to come see my site at: Rhoda told me about your site and it's very interesting! God Bless you as you continue to serve Him! Darrell

Michelle said...

P. ~

What do you think of applying the two interior design principals I talked about in my Design for the Runway post to chruch?
Sorry I have emailed you back yet, but I've been swamped.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to you too! Your post "am I saved" practically changed my own life too. This blog is a real gem. Besides, my hometown (Strasbourg)is on the map you display, so now I like it even more!


espíritu paz said...

Hi cousin! How's life? I miss the days when we all used to hang out and well, be bad together. Some of the best stories of mischief and adventure come out of when the Miller clans united. guess it's on us to get together now.

I think I need visuals to speak intelligently about design.

I'm glad you found that post, I think it is by far one of the best ones but also one of the more hidden ones.
Did you know that your are one of the 4 Dan, Daniel, or Danny's I know partially through this blog. Then there are 2 more who don't do internet. Thanks for saying hi.