Wednesday, October 03, 2007

serving soup

We served each other bad soup at the Lord’s supper. We would have served it to our neighbors. Nobody was willing. Self-love kept us from it. And we poisoned only ourselves. The covenant we had made to our neighbors remained unfulfilled that supper night. In a strange coincidence we alone were poisoned. The neighbors were spared. Yet the fact remains, our kitchen is contaminated. What to do with future batches of soup from it? Do we call the health inspectors to inspect our kitchen? Do we reason that we are too busy cooking when they knock? Do we shut down our own kitchen or do we wait for incrimination or disaster to discontinue our services. Do we cover the stench of rotting soup with sweet spices making due with what we can with what we’ve got? Do we reason that grace will cover our stench? Do we shut down our kitchen or will it be shut down for us?

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