Thursday, November 01, 2007

Your life changed ours. Your death calls us to life, eternal.

In memory of the death of my beloved sister,

The story of Joanna who died at age 22 was the tragedy of our lives. She was young. She was beautiful. She was dynamic and relational. And if that wasn’t enough, she was also feisty and passionate about living out the Spirit of Christ’s compassion into our lives. She was beginning her senior year at Crown College. After attending a week of spiritual enrichment meetings, she was riding with a friend, when they were in a traffic accident that took her life.

Your life to mine was full and vibrant.
Your death was like a dooms day whisper.
I longed to embrace the dreams of life with you.
But another voice spoke more insistently

You forgave one who had wronged you. You tasted the freedom of it before you died. You partook in the divine calling on earth, before your soul joined with the one who sacrificed and gave for you. Sacrifice. Forgiveness. It is etched in our memories like your last words to us. We forgave too. We continue to forgive today. Forgiveness, love and courage to live boldly in the beauty born of ashes. Lord, grant us this grace. This is the hope we live for. This is the love we are transformed by.

When we buried you body
Our tears were for our lost dreams of life with you
When we visit your grave today
Our tears remember the life we once lived with you

God called us to greater things through your life and your death. Even though we wish you could have stayed and called us to the redemptive life, your absence has done so also. Tragedy calls out the worst or the best in us. In the end, we, your family, hope to live out the best.


wilsonian said...

I'm sorry for your loss...
and looking forward to meeting her.

Dorcas said...

In September when I went to see Lenny's tombstone I also paused a moment by Joanna's beautiful stone, with all you siblings listed and a rose for her place in the line. Sad for your loss, wishing you comfort and joy.

Anonymous said...

beautiful entry sister...
love you... Rosalie

espíritu paz said...

Thanks everyone.
This is the entry that will go in the Litchfield paper.
I designed the stone so that we could all incorporate our personal touches. We wanted to have her name in her own signature writing because her handwriting was so print perfect. It's amazing how healing getting fully involved in these tragedies can be. Her classmates and student pastor commented that this was the first funeral they've ever been to where the grave was covered in their presence and they found that very in touch and healing.