Tuesday, January 02, 2007

UnHooked Generation: The truth about why we're still single.

I recently read a book that I found quite interesting and on target, which also demonstrates what I like about Western culture so much. As distinguished from every other culture, Western culture does a thorough analysis of whatever thing and then comes up with a concise report of findings. This is especially true in topics pertaining to self-analysis, which is very nice for me, because it gives an outsider like me all the insider “secrets” and because I like directness.

My roommate, also enjoyed this book, and she is exceedingly critical and hard to impress. Her comments ran along the lines of “...someone is saying (this) about our culture? Let’s give her a prize. She is brilliant.” I too think it an interesting read, just from the fact that the author is not Christian--at least she doesn't claim to be.

I thought I could share my notes on the book and add my furthermores. While this book is a self-help for singles, the same concepts and “Evil Influences” apply to other arenas of life, such as, another subtitle could be, The truth about why we are still unchurched. I thought my furthermores could include how each evil influence effects our relationship to the body of Christ.

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Anonymous said...

What an odd bit of synchronicity. I've been thinking a lot about the same thing. A lot of the author's observations strike me as a natural consequence of our consumer culture. To quote Wendell Berry, we are a people "who know the cost of everything but the value of nothing." We know the cost of relationship but ignorant of the value of it we are unwilling to sacrifice for it.