Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Church Infiltrator #2

Multiple Choice Church. The choices of varieties and brands of churches are daunting. Their poster cover is the Sunday morning service. And then there are the varieties of programs available. You can go here for this small group and go there for that teaching. Information and healing and councelling and stuff here and stuff there. I just want a real, sincere relationship with brother and sister in Christ. But the lure of new and exciting experiences or teachings here and there tempt me to the hunt.

Evil Influence #2

Multiple Choice Culture. Potential choices in partners are expanded with technological advancement. Checklists become more detailed. Time for a true encounter becomes more veiled. Results leave us with a mode of operation resulting in commodification, impatience with a true potential mate. The promise of eternal options lure one out of solid commitments.

Church Infiltrator #1

This is the ultimate blasphemy, which turns church from worshiping God to worshiping the self. Church is supposed to be about filling my needs. I left that one church because it wasn’t filling my needs. It wasn’t servicing me in the way I needed to be serviced. Ah!! Yikes! When the self is the only driving reason, the point of the “fellowship of believers” and “the marriage supper of the lamb” is entirely missed. When the Sunday morning service gets likened to a gas station where I can get my spiritual tank filled, I get a little wigged out. Then there are the reasons for why we miss gathering together with the fellowship of believers—they simply demonstrates vividly what is important to us. I too like my self-centered Christian brothers and sisters am guilty as charged.

Evil Influence #1

The Cult of I. The focus ultimately rests on personal needs, wants, goals and feelings. Educational, financial, career goals are prioritized above marriage as well as relational goals and expectations. GenX has taken the heritage of self-orientation to an extreme new level.

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