Saturday, January 27, 2007

lovin the YMCA

I don’t use my shower at home. I go to the YMCA. No hair to clean up. No soap scum. It’s great! If I’d live alone, I wouldn’t need to clean the bathroom at all.

Then there is the steam room. It is heaven in a box. After a long swim, it feels like wet summer. I love to sit there and sweat like a waterfall. It helps me keep my body temperature above the shiver of the climate in my house. It also keeps my face clear. There’s no need to buy all those expensive pore cleaners and reducers. My face just needs a sauna.

And all of this for only $22 a month. If you are on a Health Partners plan, you log at least 12 visits a month and if you have a house mate on the same plan with you.

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