Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Evil Influence #6

Celebrity Standard. Celebrities have multiple partners and disposable relationships, live single glamorous lifestyles, party till dawn etc. Living in the lap of luxury services and goods is the projected message and credit cards make it possible.

Church Infiltrator #5

When I was in college, there was a pastor/professor who sort of tried “converting” me. His words are etched in my brain forever. The faults of my community were very obvious to me and to him as well. So, one day we found ourselves in a conversation about the troubles of my community and the hardship it would bring to me in my life. My professor friend said to me, “Why put up with all that? You don’t need to deal with that kind of crap. Leave and take as many people with you as possible.” His advice troubled me. I didn’t take it and I am glad I didn’t. Yet this is the word of the day. “I need to take care of me.” And I shouldn’t have to suffer. If a relationship with a body of believers causes me to suffer, I am entitled to walk away for my own self preservation.

This is absolutely NOT the gospel. The gospel assumes suffering. Being with the fellowship of believers will cause great heartache and pain. We are not entitled to a life free of suffering and emotional pain.

Evil Influence #5

“Why Suffer?” Mentality. The lack of Suffering and the inclination and opportunity to leave a situation of discomfort and suffering is the entitlement of GenX. True GenXers truly believe they are entitled to fun and easy relationships without challenge and work.

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