Thursday, January 11, 2007

Anyone got any children I could borrow for a day?

You see, I'm remodeling my bathroom and I could use a hand. And this little girl isn't available always...

Actually, I love doing what my parents and grandparents always did. There is this memory I have of my grandpa who came to visit for a week. Grandpa was a mechanic of farming machinery and this time he decided to over-haul my dad's 4010. My younger brother, Jon, was following him around, asking a million and one questions about everything grandpa did. Every once in a while grandpa would say, “Well, Jon, now you have to wait a little while before you ask the next question.” So, grandpa had the 4010 all torn apart and had run into a glitch. He pensively stalked over to sit on a stump, striking a pose like “the thinker”, with my brother 2 steps behind. My brother, confused, looks at grandpa, asks, "What are you doing grandpa.” “vel, Jon, wir mussen hoken fur eine weile un denke.” (Well, we have to sit and think a while.)

Surprisingly, that particular brother is the family mechanic.

Likewise, I have taken it upon myself to occupy the minds and hands of children that happen to be put to my charge. While I do occupy them with the usual crayon and marker projects, I also bring them along in every day life, like my parents did. One thing I like to do with them is construction, because it blows their mind—going from a process of tearing something apart and then putting it all back together again. Once, I stripped a room down to the studs. I handed the 12 year-old neighbor girl a heavy hammer and some goggles and she tore down the whole wall of plaster and lath. And she had fun doing it.

This little girl was my shadow last Saturday. We went to buy some lumber and cement board at Menards. And we ate some candy that made our tongues funny colors.
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Surly Dave said...

Great Stuff. I am of the belief that you live life and bring kids along instead of doing special events for them then ignoring them. (Buy a boat because you love fishing then bring a kid along as opposed to buying a boat to bring a kid fishing).

Mark Van Steenwyk said...

Those are some great pictures of Akary! Has she seen them? (She loves looking at pictures of her self...she is the hammiest kid I've ever met).

espíritu paz said...

Thanks. I think I know who you are in real life now. If I remember correctly, it was your daughter who insisted I be the wicked step mother who forces her to and her playmates to do all the chores.

Yup. I've sent them to her mother.

Surly Dave said...

Yes...You have pegged me. As far as my blogging nick name, you can blame Van Steenwyk.