Sunday, August 26, 2007

I think I love my in-laws: contrary to popular expectation

So a lot of my siblings have been getting married recently. One per summer for the past 3 summers. Frankly, I have enjoyed the new editions—the spouses. It adds a new dynamic to family. It puts an added dimension of mystery to family get-togethers in the who is this person? I can't wait to see how this package unwraps. Like the times when we all get to my parents for some family gathering at 11 pm or later. And for some reason everyone else has decided to arrive at that hour or later. It only takes two in the kitchen at midnight to start us off. Then the rest of us get home at a ridiculous hour and find others in the kitchen to join and laugh with and talk to. But first, every new arrival must open the fridge door to see what delights wait inside to be devoured. The gathering gets quite boisterous as the kitchen meeting grows. Then, Mom generally comes to investigate, with sleepy eyes and her hair in an upheaval. It’s fun to add new people to that midnight get-together in the kitchen, where everyone is too happy to see each other to think about sleep.

There is the addition of my oldest brother’s wife, who’s instant excitement and fun-loving nature adds to the positive dimension of every gathering. There is the charisma and take charge input of my sister’s husband. Then there is the kind, helpful, supportive and giving goodwill of my other two sister’s-in-law. Who ever characterized in-laws as out-laws is quite distracted from the intent of marriage to the family unit. One must be inclined to delight in the new editions. One must envision how the new edition’s strengths will contribute toward a more positive whole.

I think I love my in-laws.

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Anonymous said...

that makes two from the same family that love their in-laws