Monday, August 20, 2007

the farmer's daughters


This is my photo of the year.

To the farmer's daughters, green is always in style. Well, maybe not exactly. That may not exactly be the intent of the the farmer's daughters to be in vogue with farming. Perhaps its the Bemidji Beavers that love green too. But it is an amazing coincidence. Isn't it?

So, for those city folk who don't get it. Green is the farmer's color. And not just any shade of green. It's grass green. It's like Petty Blue. A bucket of blue and a bucket of white. It's very particular. So, between the bridal shop and the sisters' closets, it's a beautiful color. Then when we paraded it past our father in his easy chair, he looked at us with a squint in his left eye. No words were spoken but we knew immediately, "It's John Deere green!" John Deere. "Nothing runs like a Deere." Yes, John Deere, one of the biggest farm machinery manufacturing companies in the US. My father's preference. Also, green is Pioneer seed. One of the largest farmer's seed companies. But I like the color, even though this daughter has become a city dweller.

I think I prefer this photo to the one with all sisters in pink, although I have come to cherish that one too.
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Michelle said...

Looks Irish to me.