Thursday, July 12, 2007

miracle: a definition

Should be a verb, not a noun. It’s definition should be...
“the act of grace which spontaneously restores a noun or a relation toward its intended created order.”
(which means it would include the rescue of matter from entropy, according to Peter Atkins' original association of "entropy" with "disorder".)


Chris B. said...

not to be a stickler, because I see the point you're trying to make, but your definition still implies that miracle is a noun.

Daniel Kent said...

Hm. Well, a miracle may be a noun, but miracles are certainly 'active.'

espíritu paz said...

so would "the acting grace" and "rescuing matter and relationality from entropy" would that verb-ize the definition.
Sticklerism has its particular benefits.
As for miracles being active. I wish there was a way to refer to the flux or process of miracle. The issue with it being a strict noun is like the same issue that pass/fail classes have.
Like in Mark 8. Did Jesus perform a miracle on the blind man with his first act or the second. I would say both times but the first leap toward restoration to the original created order wasn't sufficient, so is it truly a miracle unless it's complete.