Monday, July 02, 2007

baby's day out

Occasionally in life—for me it seems a bit more than occasional—we encounter near misses. Those things we could have done that would certainly have landed us into a load of trouble. Sometimes there are those things we’re on the verge of doing but in a seeming moment of distraction, we were diverted from inevitable disaster. What disturbs me the most is when I look back and realize I have been saved from certain disaster in a moment of concerted decision, initiated by revelatory intuition, in the face of everyone jolly coming along and doing it too.

I was telling my brother about my numerous near misses--recently realized. I was freaked out and in a bit of a nervous tizzy as I told him the scenarios. His reaction was not like mine at all. He smiled and laughed and said, isn’t God amazing. He told me about how once a house church member of ours had marveled at the way I seemed to innocently leap into the middle of all sorts of crazy situations and walk out unscathed. I didn’t realize this was happening until he mentioned it. It’s something like the movie, “Baby’s Day Out.”

Our reaction to the suddenly realized danger we were in that God saved us from is entirely our choice. We could be any number of characters in that movie. We could be the baby snatchers, who know what evil intends. We could be the parents, freaking out over their baby, who God has obviously taken charge of that day.

My consejos for the day are these, be as innocent as that baby. Be as scheming as the baby snatcher. Be as concerned as the parents over the danger of another’s soul. And have a great day out and about, living up the adventure of life.

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