Friday, May 19, 2006

Pocahontas World turned Pollyanna

I was attempting to find some cheap entertainment this past week and in my movie rental process landed on a movie on a famous mythical story that I thought would perhaps provide me with some historical conquest action and inspirational cross-cultural overtones or depressing subjugation. The New World is none of that. It is perhaps the worst movie I have ever seen (the part of it that I did see, before ejecting the disc). It has no plot or semblance of a storyline. All it has is two hours of mystical maiden dancing and staring into Colin Farrell’s haunting, “love-struck”, dreamy eyes, which sacrilegiously reminds one of the white evangelical stereotype of Jesus. I recommend instead to my readers the following Brawnyman ad because it is of the same ilk as this movie and it takes much less time to watch it.

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