Tuesday, May 16, 2006

a dream of a house…and a loose interpretational guide

Why I have come to give credence to dreams.
I used to be too logical to give credence to dreams, yet when my theology of God-the pusher-forward-of-creation changed to God the compeller and caller to his creation from the future, the pusher from the past the inside, outside and all around compulsion to life and vitality—I changed my mind and life. For if God compels us to move in a particular way. If he calls us and all his creation forward into his destiny, even the atoms under our fingernails are going to sense the call. Thus, it is no surprise that even our dreams will compel us to move, speaking to our spirits. Sometimes I’ve detected a multiplicity of relevance and description in dreams and parables. Such as the one below, it seems directly pertinent to a specific church/worship situation. It is also relevant to a movement currently happening with church/worship in our own socio-cultural context. The images simply switch point of application. I would even go so far as to say it applies to a global church/worship reality.

There were two houses on a small hill, connected by a walkway/screened in mud-room. Further down the sloping hill, were numerous adults, who were teenagers, playing with fire and explosive devices. The particular devices they had consisted of a square shaped piece of clay upon which they spit their chewing gum. The combination of clay and chewing gum was explosive and dangerous to those who were handling it. None-the-less the teen-adults were handling the explosives and standing perilously close to the fires that came out from these explosive mechanisms. Older individuals stood back much further from the fires.
Up at the house closest to the fires, the members of the household were de-cluttering and giving away a variety of board-games, which were piled onto their coffee-table. Upon entrance into the house, the narrator became interested in one of those games: the battleship board-game. Upon inspection of a game, she received a message in a phone call from an elderly leader from the other house, indicating that the battle call on the board-game was to put on the armor of God. Ephesians 6:11

house: place of worship
walkway–mud-room: the path of unification between the two houses is dirty and muddy, rendering all those who traversed by means of the walkway, with dirty feet.
dirty feet: soiled interaction/ “walk”
hill: the place of worship
teenage-adults: adults with developmental status of a teenager or adult with childlike qualities
older individuals: people/representatives of structures who are older, more matured, aged
fire: holy spirit, purging fire/damaging fire
square shaped piece of clay: a rendition of the Biblical meaning of potter(God) and clay (us/the church)
The clay piece represents traditional church
gum: the “new” clay
the clay/gum combination: explosive, symbolic of the old and the new mixing, resulting in the Holy Spirit’s work to purge or to destroy
the explosives/teenager combination: warning of peril to those who are not mature and are attempting to handle the fire of God
act of de-cluttering: throwing off excess baggage/old structures
coffee table: the table of meeting/fellowship
coffee table as opposed to a banquet table: indicated the table of fellowship and sustenance is small and limited in it menu/spiritual sustenance
board games: representative of the prepackaged systems of logic and social and spiritual interaction and strategy that “houses” generally use
The instruction to put on the armor: God’s directional call to specify use of a particular “board game” for purposeful strategy, in this situation. Spiritual warfare.


Blorge said...

Not only did I dream of a Rosary tattoo getting stolen this week, but I also dreamed of a friend getting a black horse and my walking it around the countryside in WI and it was like a dog, in that I'd pet it and hug it and it loved me. I was sad to have to end the walk.

I also dreamed this morning about getting on a bus that was part of a company and we all ended up getting kidnapped, and that the people who started the company had put special trackers on us, mine was in a crack in my heel. I had escaped but had to go back to see if I could help others, etc. Then, I found out that everyone involved in the company was in on it and I tried to flee. I knew that they had access to all of my information, so I went to an ATM and took out a whole bunch of money because I knew they'd track my check card and figure out where I went. I took the tracking device out and put it on a truck going somewhere else. I drove around the cities trying to make a false trail for them and then planned to go to WI to hide out with my family. I went into a bar on the westbank and found my cousin and asked him for a ride to WI because my life was in danger. He agreed, but I was afraid of putting him in danger, too.

I still don't exactly remember what the people who were tracking us wanted to do with us, or what their plan was overall, I think that they wanted to use us in terrorist acts, or to take over the world (or both).

It was wierd because I woke up several times and drifted back to sleep. I'd go back to the same dream, but it would change a little bit each time.

Interpret them, oh soothsayer.

Peter said...
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javan said...

Powerful interpretation! And indeed very touching to me. Reminds me of some of my own recurring dreams.

Peter said...
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espíritu paz said...

Was the horse's name Loki? :)
As for your life being in danger and everyone plotting to use you in some sort of "terrorist attack"...taking over the world. ATM, check card, money. Sounds like a conspiracy trap to me. In that case, you should go home. But it might follow you there as well.

Thus, saith the soothsayer...

Beware of the Ides of March.

A Colt single action revolver?...Hmmm. I have that very one in the drawer of my nightstand. How strange is that? Yet when I dream about it, I use it only once.

Peter said...
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Blorge said...

I really do miss Loki. I feel no awkwardness or embarrassment saying that I have an attatchment to animals. I think that they are a gift from the Divine for us. In fact, I sometimes think that what you need more than anything is a big dog that doesn't serve a "purpose" other than to be your companion, etc. The frivolity would do you good.

espíritu paz said...

are you ripping on my love language? and trying to make me change it to some other language. tsk tsk tsk. :)

I also never said animals aren't a gift from God. I've only said it is unfortunate that pets have taken on the emotional relational responsibility for humans that other humans were given but have passed up. i.e. is the cat lady a well socialized person.