Thursday, June 23, 2005

to find a wifey

Once upon a time there were 4 men who tried to find a wifey.

The first man said, I want to find a woman, whom I can call wife. So, I will find out what one does to find a wife. His informants told him that he must play a game with whatever woman catches his fancy. He must play this game with many women to find out what woman plays the game best then he will have found the best woman. So he played dominos with many women and picked the one who could play it best.

The second man also looked for a woman. He made it into a science with assured results. He and his buddies studied and analyzed until they came up with a system that would catch them any woman they chose. They called it The System: no woman could refuse. It was the system for sure but it was also a game of sorts. Yet its rules and its cards kept changing to suit the winner.

The third was like the first he played a game, except this one played cards. He played it well. He played it often. He was born with a deck in his hand, they said. Rarely, did he or anyone else know the beginning or the end of the game he was playing, for he was always shuffling cards and laying them down. He both knew and didn’t know playing the game was the means of getting a wife.

The fourth man sincere and true decided he too must find a woman and looked high and low for her till he spotted her. He watched her carefully for many days, observing her method and manner. He had heard about playing games and The System. Yet he was a reasonable man who didn’t play games so much. So he reasoned with the woman and said, come now and be my wife. I will treat you right and we can live happily ever after. She frowned at him and called him daft, for she had first met the other three men.

Now the first man was sincere and true and most likely so also were his friends. They likely learned their game from others and the others from yet others until one does not know where it began. Yet he had not yet considered the women who did not play the game. Perhaps they too were sincere and true but somehow knew not the game. Such was the case with Sally who wrinkled her brow when the first domino was placed. Yet the second man and his cronies liked to play games and win, so they devised a game where they always won. Dear Sally wasn’t daft. She saw their weighted game. So when she was invited to play she turned up her nose and walked away. She met the third man. I see you would like to play a game with me, she said. You are wrong, said he. I’m just shuffling my cards. The fourth man too had a game, it was simply one you can’t see because no-one does not have a game with rules and methods, except of course your own kin and kind. Yet the game has nothing to do with life and in the end you still gotta live with your wife.

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