Sunday, June 05, 2005

concerning critical commentary

Am I vain to allow myself to indulge in long discourses, long critiques of the world around me, its people and its ideologies? about my troubles and feelings? How should my thoughts and my spiritual feelings be recorded? How should I most appropriately give them to the Lord? I wish to occasionally write an account of the traps the enemy of my soul has set for me and those around me, so as to remember to avoid them at a later date in case my sight goes cloudy or my brain goes fuzzy.
However, the spiritual dangers are so numerous and the pitfalls so many, I could concentrate my whole life to not falling into them. I cannot be the Frodo who should be seeing the path ahead but instead gazes into the eyes of the swamp and gets sucked in. Ultimately, I need somewhere else to look--something else to look at. It is in the face of Christ that I find my answer. My efforts to pursue God become futile as they are distracted by the dangers of the path before and behind me. I imagine the desired ideal to be…It is only as I see the Lord and I concentrate on his presence, that I am virtually unaware of the traps in the road and all but dance over them as a child in a minefield when she sees the open arms of her parent biding her to come. With this image in mind as the primary focus of the Christian life, I also consider it necessary to venture occasionally to the weapon factory of the enemy to discover the method of a particular arsenal. This is the intent and weight of my critical commentary…just to remind myself.

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