Tuesday, June 07, 2005

salvation—a migratory journey

There is a place down south where the sun rises and sets and the nights are cool and the days are warm. Here the geese find plenty to eat and are satisfied as they continually call out to each other and to the God who created and sustains them.
From the very beginning of creation, in the life of every human being there is a longing to be in a place of harmony and peace with fellow human beings, the rest of the created world and the Being that sustains them.
Yet before the geese ever arrive in that place down south, they lived in the north woods, where the days suddenly grew colder and the nights longer. At times it was so cold at night there was nothing to sustain them when morning dawned.
In the lives of people everywhere many have become aware of the encroaching darkness in the world about them. Relationships are empty. Life seems meaningless. Hopelessness gnaws on the spirit of humanity as they die a bit, every time they doubt the possibility of a life of peace and harmony.
When the geese begin to feel the cold they instinctively know they must respond. Thus, they take their migratory journey southward, filling the autumn sky with arrow formations pointing continually to their destiny as they migrate together.
There is within the spirit of every person, recognition of the sustaining power of peace and harmony. When the hopelessness and despair rage, and the sustaining Spirit of God speaks into spirit of every person. One by one they respond to the call to believe in the glorious destiny. Many join together in faith with other’s who hope after the promise.
While many geese respond to the encroaching winter and together begin their journey south, there are others who seem to have forgotten to listen to their instinct. They choose instead to stay behind by themselves, in the place they know best, the north woods.
Many people who encounter the darkness and hopelessness, respond to the invitation God speaks to their spirit and begin their journey with others to the place of experiencing more and more fully the peace, love and unity with God, humanity and the world. Others succumb to the darkness in despair and despondency.
As the geese journey south together, they call to each other; they call out to God and the rest of creation. They call to other geese who have not yet begun their journey south, calling upon them to join in the journey. At all times in their journey, they point to their destination, in distinct arrows across the sky. Nobody is left in doubt to the direction of their destiny.
As men and women turn from despair to faith, they begin their journey with others toward the destination of eternal peace and harmony, with God humanity, and all of creation. While they praise God and speak life and encouragement to each other, they call out to others, who have not yet begun the journey, to come and join them. Nobody is left in doubt to the destiny of this community.
The geese flying formation is both a sign and an essential formation to the success of the journey, which requires all to contribute to the direction and leading of the skyne. Their v-formation is both other centered and unified as each bird breaks the air for the other.
Men and women of faith recognize God’s call for them to give of themselves to others who are participating in the journey of faith. Each gives of him/herself according to his/her gifts and talents. The participation of all is essential to the success of the journey.

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