Monday, June 06, 2005

banqueting in the Kingdom of God

The setting was a beauty school; I have no idea why I was there. If you know me, learning beauty techniques is not even on my list of things to do. However, there I was dilly-dallying in my chair, in a classroom that looked much like my high school English classroom. Everybody but me was either fixing their hair, fixing their face, or fretting about what to wear. They were getting ready for a banquet. I was dilly-dallying in my chair. At one point someone asked me if I’m going to get ready or not. I responded, I don’t know. Maybe I’ll go maybe I won’t. But one thing was for sure…I wasn’t going to be doing all this primping and painting.
I was seated at a table at the banquet. Again, I was dilly-dallying around in my chair like a kid. The lights were low. There was candlelight and everything was richly decorated and beautiful. Conversation was at a low hum while everyone was waiting for the food. The food was in the next room: buffet style. We waited and waited…then we waited some more! I grew tired of the waiting and asked my dinner companions when we were going to eat. Nobody responded. They simply continued to wait. Finally, I grew tired of waiting and got up to help myself to the buffet. I was handed a plastic bag with which to gather my food. The food was artistically arranged but it was all in the raw: onions pulled up by the stalks and laid on the table, potatoes with dirt still on them, celery with root and stalk. I was to gather my food then give it to the cook so he could cook it.

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