Thursday, March 22, 2007

Mom's Handiwork

About 33 years ago my mother began her career in raising 10 children. It was quite the adventure, as I recall. Never a dull moment. 33 years later my parents are going through the empty nester life stage, with only my youngest brother living at home. What do they do? Well, my father does what he always did, build stuff, fix stuff, plant, harvest, milk cows. And in the evening, he relaxes in his easy chair and reads. The house can fall down around his ears and he’ll still sit in that chair reading. But my mom—she does other things because she hasn’t convinced any of her children to come live at home again. Her latest interest has been to braid rugs, such as the one depicted above. Any time I come home she’s got several more rugs done. They are sturdy and beautiful. If anyone wants to buy a rug, let me know. I’m becoming my mom’s distributor and fair trade advocate.
Each rug is one of a kind. And my mom can even make one into the colors of your choice.

She also makes quilts. Last time I was at home she told us how she went dumpster diving outside the second-hand store for rags to put into her rug. My friends Josh and Mark have a story about dumpster diving for second hand food (read their story here)... but rescuing the twice thrown away...I struggle between two polar reactions: junior high embarrassment or perhaps awe, because it's one level more...something.
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