Wednesday, December 27, 2006

when friends die

the beginning of the end
when silence breaks into pure spirit
Eternity waits on the Omega
Disbanding friend from friend
Hands ripped apart
Beating hearts torn out

This bloody sacrificial rite

Oh, devil, could you not spare me one
Satan, you consume even the children’s plate and fork
You take what is most precious
Ill will and evil deeds behind precious faces
Thy love of friend turns them into black spaces

What greed has not swallowed into nothingness
What terrors have not turned hearts aside
Death then slowly steals this one
It came but last night to disappear one most precious

Your methods are shameless
You taunt us all with your slow smile
You rot bloody hearts in their bodies
We thwart your designs and put in one new

But you, oh death, demand this one too

beating hearts hand in hand
friend to friend—who can disband?
Oh, the wait is an eternity
Spirit to spirit, till the silence breaks
When the end will be the beginning

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