Wednesday, December 27, 2006

house not in order--the marriage supper approaches--Judas stands outside

We were preparing for the wedding. My friend came over to my house to shower and ready herself for the big day. My hasty preparations for the wedding guests that were to stay at my house was obvious. Gremlin-like creatures littered the yard and had been through the entire house leaving it in disarray. They had been through my drawers and cubbies, pulling things out of place and delightfully destroying my organization with glee. The oven was sitting on top of the shower. Other furniture was oddly askew. In my haste, I had shoved things into closets and contained the mess as much as possible. But my friend was not fooled, “your house is a mess” she said, “You aren’t ready for the wedding nor for hosting guests.”

Outside in the yard my friend encountered larger gremlins and a relative smoking on the porch. Two large gremlins were tossing a ball back and forth to each other in the yard. One was dressed in black and the other in white. A small airplane lay on the sidewalk. My friend opted to play catch with them and threw the toy airplane to one of them. One of the gremlins caught it and threw it back with great force and a bit of temper. The toy plane grew twice the size and nearly wiped her out. She decided it wasn’t a good idea to play with this pair. But she watched with interest as the pair became enamored with the activities occurring in the house. They looked on with great interest and followed the owners every move as though mesmerized. Furthermore, it was easy to spy on this house because the walls were transparent and one whole wall was entirely missing. Yet despite their preference toward the home and its owner, they were inexplicably controlled by a stronger evil power, which periodically demanded of them, incriminating evidence against the house. They were powerless to resist divulging information even though they wished to be faithful guests.

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