Thursday, December 07, 2006

interesting facts about Abby’s AAR adventure

Books purchased at the AAR:
(Listed in order of those I found most exciting to lesser)
The Beauty of the Infinite by David Bentley Hart
Friendship: Interpreting Christian Love by Liz Carmichael
The First Hebrew Primer
Mastering New Testament Greek by Thomas A Robinson (…complete with a personal demonstration of the software tools by the author himself.)
Introducing Radical Orthodoxy by James K A Smith
A Concise History of Christian Thought by Tony Lane

Stupid things done at the AAR:
Got my shoe laces caught at the bottom of an escalator full of people creating a panicked people pile-up on top of me. Embarrassment suffered: 0.

General appearance: lots of black, quasi-business, conservative Mennonite image. No room for the homeless living out-of-the-sack look, although that was sort-of the reality.

Most devious thought:
Wow, someone could go husband hunting here!

P.S. The objective of my AAR adventure posts is not to get people to send money. Rather, it is to demonstrate to myself and others that things can be done differently. Living on the lowest budget possible without abusing hospitality and avoiding appearance of poverty are my intent, as I rubbed elbows with, well, those with fatter wallets (or credit cards) while mingling with conferees as sort of one of them but deviating when outside of their visual scope. I decidedly chose my alternative accommodations, for reasons such as identification with the poor, for personal challenge and purposeful lifestyle deviance.

I look forward to next year. The intellectual climate is addictive! The meetings will be held in San Diego, which means the climate will be amazing. I will be able to hear the crash of the ocean waves all night and breathe ocean air. Perhaps I’ll go on a short retreat to the Mojave Desert again.

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