Tuesday, June 12, 2007

mystical experience

So, it is sort of part of my testimony that I had a mystical experience, of sorts...once—a sort of unearthly experience that interrupted my normal existence, showed me something fantastic and then gave me back my “normal existence”—although my normal existence wasn’t quite so normal after that. It catches my attention that in Stage 2 of Rambo's conversion process there is a reference to mystical experiences as contributing toward "Catalyst for Conversion."

I had a few reactions to that mystical experience. First, I ignored it. Then once I could ignore it no longer, I went on a rampant search for the meaning of it. I looked everywhere for an answer. I turned people up-side-down for an answer and out came nothing and so I turned them up-side down-again. I hope they are still doing fine. Then I gave up. I quit my frantic search and said, “Lord, I am yours.” What do you want with me.

(It’s a marvel that God gives anyone at all a sort of grace for a mystical experience.)

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