Wednesday, May 30, 2007

the intern and his company

There was once a young developing professional who was recently brought onto a team at a company that had numerous campuses across the nation. He was given an intern to develop and a mentor to assist in his own professional development.

One day the intern observed the young professional in a disturbing altercation with a customer. The customer was swearing and yelling and using all manner of foul language. It appeared as though he had mistaken the professional for someone else. “You are a fraud! You are a fake!” he cried. “I won’t let you deceive me again.” The professional said nothing as he stood in front of the enraged customer. He shook his head sadly as the customer huffed and puffed away.

Later the intern asked. “Why did you not explain yourself to the customer? Why did you not defend the company’s reputation?”

“Well,” said the young professional, “The customer was not ready to hear a defense. We will encounter him again another time. It is certain that another representative will happen along his path soon.”

Soon thereafter the intern went on a vacation to another nation. While he was there he observed the fraudulent practices of his company, quite by accident. He was also enraged. When he returned from vacation, he violently confronted the young professional he had been interning for. “This company is fraudulent!” he cried. “I will certainly quit this very instant.”

“No!” cried the professional, as he chased after his intern and sought to stop him. “Stop!” He ordered. “You may not be belligerent with me and you cannot accuse the company of malpractice,” he urged, “it will be to your own undoing.”

Why do you treat me differently than you treated the customer who accosted you?” the intern responded indignantly. “You give me orders and you tell me I am wrong.”

“Because you are an intern and he was a customer,” responded the professional. “There are lots of frauds and fakes out there but those who are hired on with the company give the company its name.”


Vanessa Ramos said...

Hey...i got ur comments on my blog and came to check yours out. I think i had stumbled upon you before..maybe thru my cuzins links. can't remember. actually i think it was ur xanga site. As soon as i saw the name of it i was intrigued. :) you know spanish?

Paz! - Vanessa

espíritu paz said...

Si, aprendi aqui en EU. Y tengo muchos amigos Lationos aqui en la ciudad. Vivi con una familia de Mexico tambien por un ano.

peacefullady said...

intriguing... I will ponder

Vanessa Ramos said...

pues, que interesante. :) creo que esta es la primera vez que dejo un comentario en Espanol en la web. :) me alegro de "conocerte" y espero seguir en contacto. Vives en PA?