Friday, February 09, 2007

neighborhood action

There’s been a series of violent crimes in my neighborhood which have stirred up the people. In response, our district council has held public meetings for concerned neighbors, phone-banks and other organized response outreaches. Since I chair the standing committee on neighborhood action, I’ve had to wrestle with how to respond the fear, channeling its energy into a positive force for change. A few weeks ago I leveled a challenge to the common citizen along with a fellow chair of the other standing committee on my board. There he is pictured, mildly scolding folks for not being involved in community building functions. He’s our resident lawyer, which makes taking an opposing position into a battle of the wits and the words—I love it! You should come see the show. Then we all go out afterward and the losers cry into their beers. I’ll post the religiously neutral sermon that I gave to the concerned citizen, from the pulpit of a church, with pipe organ accompaniment.

For those of you who like talk radio, and live in the TC area, this guy is on Sunday afternoons, on 1500 AM.
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