Monday, February 26, 2007

all the way to Calgary

So I’ve been out of the country for a stint. I went on a spiritual retreat in Calgary, Alberta. And I drove. Mapquest said it would take 23 hours. I left at 9 pm one evening and got there at 9 pm the next evening. And I took a 2 hour nap in North Dakota and another longer nap before crossing the Minnesota border.

I took an audio book along and was reminded of why I don’t read fiction—Not many fictional stories impress me or have ever impressed me. Other than that, I sang along to my CDs, prayed and talked to myself to pass the time and on the way home I prepared a speech, practiced it and drove directly to the meeting I was to give it at, upon entering town.

The retreat was amazing! The most holistic approach to personal transformation I have ever encountered. The teaching was quality stuff, presented by ordinary folks. Time was provided for personal reflection and then also “counseling” which was a mixture of the deepest prayer I’ve ever experienced in addition to dialoguing with two other counselors who had been assigned to me.


PeacefulLady said...

I sure would like to go to a retreat like that. How do you find these? I'd appreciate knowing of any going on in the future that would be within drivng reach of my area (that you would recommend)Are you going to tell us more about it?
I've missed you... was soon going to ask where you were.

Dave C said...

I was in Calgary over 9/11. Beautiful place. I was there for a combination Prophetic Conference and second honeymoon. We went up early to visit Banff and Lake Louise, then attended the conference. My wife left early(9/9) and flew back while I stayed for the second part. Pretty wild being a refuge of sorts.

espíritu paz said...

now that is a thought. the organization the retreat was with is looking for places to establish itself in the US. There is one being established in Florida. However, I think it might work really well to establish such a thing within the Mennonite circles beginning with women's prayer circles.
Thanks for missing me and I hope to say more about it. It's just hard to know what all to say on the www. :)

dave c
interesting that you are interested in the prophetic. I had a chance to check out what you might mean by the term, on your site.