Saturday, October 21, 2006

the power of prophetic declarations

Remember back in kindergarten when chubby faced Molly came up to you with wide-eyed inquisitiveness, asking, will you play on the merry-go-round with me. Everyone always responded in the affirmative, yes, even me. She would then, with confidence say, “You are now my friend.”

A while back my brother and sister-in-law invited me onto my space or that other one like it. After a few clicks, it said, “My brother’s name is now friends with My name.” Wow, how cool is that! The last time I heard that was at my brother’s wedding when the minister said, “I now pronounce you husband and wife.” And the time before that it was Molly pronouncing me to be her friend. And the time before that it was the creator saying, “Let there be light.”

Thanks, my space. You are this generation’s prophetic voice. You serve us well in bringing us back to a child-like simplicity.


Naomi said...

And if you check out celebrities on myspace, you can be friends with them too! There was a funny commentary on NPR about this feature fulfilling all those unmet social needs from high school--this time around there's little risk of rejection either. :)

espíritu paz said...

No rejection from anyone and completely meaningless proclamations for some.

Hajar said...