Sunday, October 29, 2006

blood lines

Sometimes, I mean often, I am certain that I am more like a woman of centuries past masquerading as those roles mentioned in my profile. I go to a community meeting, in my black skirt and wool coat with the fur collar to “wax eloquent” about a neighborhood crime problem. Then I go home and secretly can tomatoes like a pioneer woman or swing a sledge hammer at a wall I don’t want there anymore.

My former roommates called me crazy. My current roommate calls me wonder woman. Sometimes I don’t know who to believe. Occasionally, I develop a bit of a complex about my dual identity and I find myself hiding certain innate habits.

I like Dorcas’ little stories because they remind me of why I am who I am—like this one about canning. . I also find refuge in Hajar’s stories . And then there are the relief workers I run into now and again, who talk about them sturdy Mennonites, who would do things no one else would do, and go places no other group of people would go. Then last night at a party, I ran into someone who has a friend who lives here in the Twin Cities, who used to be Amish before he had a conversion experience. I’m certain I made a fool of myself as my eyes turned into saucers and the blood rushed to my face as I nearly leaped out of my chair in my eagerness to get a phone number and meet this person. What is this thing called tradition that runs in ones bones, which is as thick as life itself?


Jordan said...

The last line of your post reminds me of one of my favorite poets, Julia Kasdorf, who is essentially a Mennonite poet. Some of her poetry can be found online. You may like her. You may have heard of her.

espíritu paz said...


I looked her up and especially like her interview with Mennonot:

Naomi said...

I know exactly what you mean. It drives my poor non-Menno husband to the brink...but I lure him back with my breads and puddings. :)

Hajar said...

My goodness! You too?
I was trying really hard to find people with PA Dutch backgrounds on the internet some time ago, but then I gave up, because I thought it was useless. After I created about a month ago, they all started coming out of the wood work! Now I've set up a xanga account at right in the middle of a whole enclave of people from Mennonite and Amish backgrounds!
And you! I'm so happy. I mean, no matter where one goes in life, it's also important to remember where we came from...

espíritu paz said...

LOL. But don't say that too loudly, some handsome bloak might wisen up and refuse my tempting morsels and organize a meeting wih a shrink instead. Then I'll never get married! :(

Yes! Isn't this wonderful!

Anonymous said...

espíritu paz,

You know I agree with your former roomates about you being crazy :)

Maybe you and Naomi are on to something though. Perhaps you should be looking for a hungry shrink? ;)