Wednesday, March 15, 2006

weekends without homework

Last weekend I was at gathering of overly witty intellectuals.

My friend Oleg does these gatherings and always an eclectic crowd shows up. I find myself pulling out my most cultured vocabulary and reaching into the dusty corners of my mind to interact with the plethora of folk that show up. This time my favorite guest was Ari, who told me he has been painting genesis for the past x (significant number) of years. I think he’s got a book out too. He’s also from the southern part of Germany, which makes his low German much more comprehendible, to me.

But here is a link to the matchmaker’s site. He likes guns or something more than likes. I don’t pay attention to that bit so much being a pacifist and all. Makes me wonder how I ever met him…oh, but that would be the camera bit of him. Whatever it is, he likes shooting it. He has shot me and once it appeared as though he was going to shoot me but as you might find the shot was only a shoot. I'm on his site somewhere--good luck finding me. Oh, and he likes to be matchmaker…friends, new relatives, and yes, marriageables.

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