Saturday, December 15, 2007

traveling to Nigeria

So, you've noticed, I'm blogging again. I'm sort of in a crunch between projects and trips and stuff and thought I would leave the blogging alone for a while. But if you are a friend, don't let the appearance of busyness deter you from personal contact. I will be in Nigeria for two weeks in January. I thought I would not keep up with blogging during that time and during preparation but circumstances forced a different decision. The shots I got on Tuesday, all 6 of them, have altered my sleeping patterns. I was told by a friend, one shot would give you especially vivid dreams. I was kind of excited about that, especially since the movies that have been coming out in the last couple of year have been crap. But instead of having dreams. I am wide awake at 4:30 am without the hope of sleeping one more wink till the morning. So, instead of being upset and fighting it, I am blogging, writing and reading. Also, I have decided to blog while in Africa. Several folks have done it. I think it will be possible. I believe it will be necessary, based on the mixed reviews folks have had about my going. I think I know of only one person who has gone into the type of setting and under the type of circumstances I'll be going and he was fine. I'll be more then fine as well and I wish to bring everyone else along on that fine-ness.


Anonymous said...

I look forward to reading about the trip, especially given the mysterious description that you have given.

I hope you are sleeping better tonight.

Peace and Speed,

espíritu paz said...

Sorry--not meaning to be mysterious. I like to be a no secrets type of person--with my own stuff--I do that. But sometimes the strangeness of life and deference to others causes me to find this weird way of talking about something in metaphors or code. Spose it's an odd balance.

Tauratinzwe said...

Enjoy Africa. Twice I almost went to Nigeria but ended up spending lots of time in Eastern and Southern Africa instead. Look forward to reading of your experiences.

Re: bad dreams -- stay away from the malaria med Larium. I have numbers of friends who had bad reactions, depression, bad dreams and psychotic events, as a side effect. I fortunately avoided malaria for about 23 years by just taking care to avoid mosquito bites (as much as possible) and taking one of the old fashioned meds that are no longer in fashion but still help.