Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Beachy-Amish parables and comics

An amazingly serious parable found here, written by the Holiness Beachy boy, who seems to otherwise be full of sarcastic fun and games. It’s got just the right amount of familiarity, with the story line moving with the flow of “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” Yet the deviations startle and surprise, as does the harsh punishment. It is truly a very Beachy parable, as it casts its particular points of evaluation on those who would call themselves Christian and finds them wanting.

You should also check out the satire in the remaining posts on his blog. I highly recommend, the comics on the exploits of SuperBeachy the Amish-Mennonite Superhero. The satire pokes fun at all that is sacred and serious in the Beachy world. Marriage and music. The later being the topic of great tension within the Beachy world—the question of what music is most Godly. Certainly, rock-n-roll is of the devil to those who don’t allow even one musical instrument to cross the thresholds of their churches. Even now it is likely that the evils of rock-n-roll are still being denounced from the pulpit, leaving congregants in wide-eyed fear, while the rest of the world has moved on. And so it is, in the world of SuperBeachy in Episode 2. He is summoned for help when a youth group has found themselves slipping under the control of the likes of the spirit of RockAcapella*. Only the materialized spirit of Menno Simon himself—could it be?—come back from the dead to sing the Lobliet (“Ohh-oh-oh-oh-ohh. Gott vater…”) could save this youth group. Very funny! It leaves you wondering how the author of this comic, if he is truly Beachy, how has he come to see Spiderman?

*RockAppella is the term thrown at those deviant youth who added percussion (of the non-instrumental sort) to their A ccapella songs. Technically, it was all still a ccapella, but had all the flair of PuffDaddy’s spitting, bomping percussion man.

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