Thursday, January 12, 2006

more than skin and bones

Some emotions come over people instantly. Like envy or sudden elation. Other emotions come more slowly. They wash in as slowly as a tide. Depression is like that. Joy and satisfaction are like that. The ebb and flow of serotonin and its counter chemicals in the body is a subject of high interest to the psychotropic drug industry, for profit reasons, of course. When I was studying chemistry as an undergraduate, we studied briefly the element of charge related to various bio-chemicals—charge being the airborne evidence or carrier of particular bio-chemicals. Currently, all our cordless and wireless technology has increased concern for the health implications of having our bodies being subjected to more and more numerous electrical charges. Mutations and cancers on the rise—who knows, maybe the concern is legitimate. Some future generation will likely incredulously retell the self-inflicted destruction we have created for ourselves in the same way we retell the bloodletting rituals.

Yet my point is not that electrical charges / waves of signaled energy are harmful to the body, BUT rather that the body does show signs of being affected by these elements. And it also emits various charges congruent with particular bio-chemicals present there. Perhaps there is a chemical explanation as to why joy is infectious and envy is stabbing. In fact, I have felt, stabbing envy. It is like a sudden, pointed invasion that demands my immediate attention. Why is one joyous? One doesn’t ask, one simply enjoys. Why is one envious? Only the moment can tell…coupled by an abrupt turn of the head and the meeting of inquisitive eyes. What then is prayer? What then is evil? What then is the charge of an unembodied subject?

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