Tuesday, November 01, 2005

when everything’s made to be broken…

There is a well-known family that used to live in our neighborhood, who attracted all the attention of our “do gooder” neighbors. There was one thing that they are notorious for and that is the destruction, the loss and theft of many things. Some of us have felt sorry for them and attempted to teach (the kids) the cause and effect principles regarding how and why things get broken. One of my roommates even kept their library cards in a cubby in our house for the kids who didn’t want to have their cards subjected to their own house’s warzone. Just recently one kid got a birthday cake for his birthday. His immediate action after the candles were blown out was to destroy the cake in front of everyone’s eyes. Now that might seem strange to some but it makes perfect sense to others.

I'm sure the child learned at a very young age that everything is made to be broken. Therefore it matters only who breaks a thing first. Someone gets something new and shiny and coveted. He/she admires it and loves it and tries to keep it in a safe place where no-one will touch it. But everyone sees that and finds the hiding place, destroys the sacred object of affection and also destroys a little boy or little girl’s heart. Now after its gone that way for a few precious things that one could get attached to--the little boy or girl gets smart--everything will eventually get broken or lost around here. So if I want to survive I can't let my heart get attached to it. Instead, when I get a present, I will "enjoy it fully" so that no one else can. i.e. I will destroy it in front of everyone else's eyes before anyone can destroy it for me. That solidifies and assures my claim to the sacred object.


Blorge said...

Have you read the Fountainhead by Ayn Rand? She writes similarily, but about art.

Also- I've noticed that your examples are generally masculine. Do you think women do the same things, or maybe do they get the same results, but using different means.

espíritu paz said...

To the first question. No, I'll look it up. Thank You.

To the second comment.
Oh! So you noticed! And you had to say something as my only lonely responder out there. Yeah! It's exactly as you thought...I am completely sexist and I hate men!!! So I find stories about them so I can rip on them. Grrrr! Women are incapable of such piggery.
...kidding ...no, really, it must have just happened that way...weird thing is, I always defalt to the literal truth. I start getting confused when I intentionally change the gender of someone in my stories just for the sake of obscuring identity.
Yes and really, women do the same when it comes to breaking things--relationships, posessions too, self-image.