Wednesday, July 06, 2005

communion habits and eating patterns

Apart from what communion should be…In mild curiosity, I’ve been taking mental snapshots of church communion habits and eating patterns. What does, what communion has become say about our interrelationships, our faith life, our spiritual food and drink? For instance…What does it say about our faith lives that we have segregated “real eating” from church communion eating and drinking?
The bitty piece of wafer at the alter vs. the supersized double cheese option.
I eat out with a friend: I pay for my half and she for hers? In Mexico, the one who invites is the one who pays. In Sweden, there are (almost) no restaurants.
The bulimic teen.
Thanksgiving dinner in Pieces of April.
Breakfast in Cinderella Man.
Family dinner.
Getting a nutritious meal together for a sizable amount of people takes organization skill, hospitality savvy, resources, work and knowledge of nutrition. Sometimes I wonder if the backwards sense of Christ choosing the communion meal as a representative of his body and blood is so we can find a cross-section of life where-in we examine our manner of relating with the brothers and sisters in the act of distribution of sustenance/limited resources. Perhaps it is only when we succeed in this physical/spiritual act are we of any value to the kingdom.

(This post is actually a springboard idea from my friend Brandon's site...sorry Brandon, I couldn't find a place to butt into that rapid progression of comments)


Blorge said...

I thought that this was a great post. Communion should be thought through because it's very important. I'd never thought through the idea of a nutritious meal (although, we have tried to make our meals "balanced")

Anyway, interesting thoughts.

espíritu paz said...

Hey, thanks for visiting!
And yeah, balanced is essential and reflective of a balanced "Christian" or even unChristian life. It puts another spin on making a can of pop and potato chips your communion meal. I'm almost toying with the idea of suggesting--if that is your communion meal, then it might reflect your unhealthy spiritual food. Would that be unwarranted?

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